Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Bento Days (1)

Now that Prince D is off school, I can plan my day to make Bento for the whole family in the morning after I sent Miss E to school. When I don't feel the rush to prepare one early in the morning, even the Bento looks nicer and more neat. As we were setting out to the strawberry fields today, I made a usual rice Bento for Curry and dropped it at his office on the way and another group Bento for my kids and I to enjoy at the picnic by the field.

For the past 2 weeks, the weather has been a bit unsettled. During my 9 years residing here at the East Coast of USA, I have never heard a tornado or hurricane touch down but we have been hearing about it alot, lately in our neighboring state of Massachusetts. Despite all the hot sun and rain that we had for the past month, I thought the strawberry fields open a bit late this year compared to the last few years when I was already able to pick the first batch around Memorial Day Weekend by the end of May. Just hoping the weather will be fine throughout the summer as I still have cherries, blueberries and peaches that I wanna go pick!

For Curry's Bento, nothing fancy and I just pulled out everything I had in the fridge. The pork tenderloin meat had been marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine and pepper together with corn starch the night before and all I had to do was stir fried it with shallot and green onion. Adding cornstarch to the marinate liquid kind of tenderized the meat and after cooking, it tastes succulent and easy to chew.  On the side is cabbage Kimchi, boiled egg and steamed broccoli. I got a box of frozen sugar snap peas and blanched some in hot water for 2 mins and popped them open of which the peas lay neatly in their places.

For the picnic Bento, I made some tortilla wraps with homemade chicken salad. I used 3 chicken drumsticks by first steaming them and shredded their meat and mixed with shredded carrot, almond pieces and raisins together with a mixture of mayonaise, Dijon mustard, pepper and salt. The shredded carrot added a great crunch to the chicken filling and definitely a great way to serve besides the usual baby carrot with ranch dressing. Corn is in season around this time and they are very sweet and fit nicely with the wraps. Complete with cherries and grapes, my kids and I had a quick and nutritious lunch Al Fresco style!

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