Friday, June 11, 2010

June Bento Days (2)

As the whole world now gluing to the Soccer World Cup, I thought I might get into the fun too by making a Bento out of this event. I have never been a soccer fan and despite living in England for 5 years, I still have no idea of the rules, what team or what tournament is in place! But I married a soccer fanatic who still insists to call the sport Football instead of soccer and until this day, he is exactly the same enthusiastic fan of the sport completely Jersey dressed, beer bottles and chips scattered all over during a match. And the ear deafening moment when a goal is scored or missed, he is just as crazy as the live audience at the football field.

I am pretty sure I have a box of number cutters but I couldn't locate them this morning and so I didn't make the year 2010! The soccer rice balls are just darn cute and I still have supply of this pre-cut nori in my pantry and only remembered this morning. How convenient! I haven't learn to decorate my smiley faces with more features yet and just stuck some punched out hands for them. My kids loved them and they are too being geared up by their father to watch the games. Poor kids or rather, poor me! GOAL.....

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