Thursday, May 27, 2010

May Bento Days (3)

It is almost end of the school year and I am glad that Miss E enjoyed her kindergarten. I remember the first day and week that I left her alone to walk up to the school play yard by herself and being on her way to learning rules and ways of life on her own without my presence..... that moment was really crushing to me as if I am seeing her growing up and out of my sight! And now, it is the end of that preliminary year before she enters 1st Grade with all the more serious stuffs of homework and projects from school. Times flies when you tend to kids 24/7 and yet throughout the process, some days can be slow and some days can be quick to get by. Overall, being a mother to a school progressing kid also means a learning process for myself, but unlike my girl's road in education with references and help from books, my motherhood road is a tagging along process, sometimes with guidance and sometimes more dependant on instincts and I hope I am doing the right things for my kids for now.

Throughout the whole year, I have been packing snack size bento boxes for Miss E and will be doing the real lunch box portion come September. I have alot of ideas swirling in my head but I doubt that I can prepare whimsical looking lunches everyday as it is alot of work even if I can prep some of the bento ingredients the night before. Still, once in a while I will put in some effort to make one or two special cute lunch boxes so that Miss E still gets the thrill of opening to a surprise smiling face or cute animals rice balls. I love the idea of making her smile and think of me everytime she eats something from my kitchen.

Today's Bento is made up of cold chicken pasta with raisins and mayo and Dijon Mustard as dressing. As the weather gets more nearer to summer's temperature, my kids appetite gets smaller and they prefer cold dishes rather than warm rice and meat. Basically all the Bento's contents can be prepared overnight and put altogether the next day. Instead of omelette, I boiled each an egg, decorated with some cheese cuttings, served along with ham and strawberries. For a special treat, I gave them each a small cookie, which is shaped like a mini burger complete with sesame seeds and chocolate filling, of which I managed to grab a box from my last Hong Kong trip. Only in Asia you get to have these types of cute stuffs and when I first saw it, all I thought was to use it for my Bento and not to eat nor snack on. I just wish we can have more access to these type of food products over here as they really jazz up an ordinary lunch box and makes the Bento eater happier!


that's me said...

love this bento, where do yo buy the cutters??

Lily Anette said...

Sand: You mean the floral cutter on the boiled egg? It is from the Wilton line of fondant cutters. I carved out the egg part with a knife.

that's me said...

ooo thanks lily sad here in Egypt there is no wilton but I'll search for cutters