Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Bento Days (2)

I got up pretty late this morning and had to finish up this Bento quickly before sending the kids to school and delivering the lunch box to Curry's office. One thing about Curry, he is slim in posture but his appetite is huge, more than mine and everyday he comes home in the evening, he head straight to the fridge or biscuit tin. And still he is the lucky one, he doesn't put on a single weight!

For today's Bento, I used Japanese Udon noodles, which is precooked in their packaging and all I had to do was rinsed it in water and stir fried it with grated garlic, scallion and soy sauce. Deep fried tofu cubes is a lovely ingredient which is delicious eaten plain dipped in sauce or stuffed with meat to enhance the texture and flavor. For this Bento, I stuffed them with minced beef, and pan fried them with a bit of cooking oil and flavored with a teaspoon of Japanese cooking seasoning, Mirin. The sugar content in the Mirin caramelized the surface of the tofu and gives it a charred look. For the vegetables sides, I used homemade pickled cucumber and carrot with store bought Radish Kimchi.

Today Miss E had a show and tell at school and she talked about Bento. She was very happy to have told an interesting topic to her teachers and friends and indeed, Bento is fun to learn and make. I am currently in the look for more summer ingredients to include into my family members' Bento boxes and hopefully to serve up more vegetables varieties and move my kids to eat more fish. I have been on a vegetable and white meat diet for 2 months now and I do indeed feel healthier.

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