Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May Bento Days (1)

After a brief hiatus, I digged out the Bento boxes and tools this morning. Tuesdays are perfect days for Bento Lunch making as both my kids are in school and having got through a busy Monday and recouping my energy over a good night's sleep made my day more driven!

As I experiment more with bento making, I noticed that the simplest cuts of cute characters makes the most impact and I am trying to adopt a more simpler approach similar to cut and paste to decorate all my future Bentos. As long as my kids can discern what I am making and enjoys them, then I am on the right track.

I made a sea animals theme Bento today, aptly served with pan fried salmon on the side. I have always liked the octopus sausage and tried to make some today. Taking both round ends of a sausage, I cut to a length of about 2.5 inches, slit them crisscross downwards about 1 inch from the flat bottom  and boiled them for 2 mins. The corns are out and I thought they make a nice addition of color and texture to the plain rice that I flavored with some Furikake. Green beans is a good change to broccoli and they are easier to arrange.

The cut outs of the octopus and fishes were made of American cheese and ham. A bit lazy to complete the fish with scales and I used poppy seeds instead of black sesame seeds for the eyes.

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