Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diet & Exercise

First thing first, when you saw that Post title, surely you think I am joking right. All these time with that much cooking and baking, sampling and snapping beautiful shots of all the food I made makes me an interesting person rather than ranting on diets and losing weight like most women. But yet, I am still like any woman, flabs are more disturbing than any butter fat and numbers mean everything in every sense from dress sizes to calories!

I have been on an exercise routine since my return trip from Asia in January and up till now, I haven't given up working up the notch every month just to train my heart pumping, lowering my Blood pressure and trying to lose weight. So far I have melted away almost 13lbs and still working on it till I see a very pleasant number on the weighing scale, most probably end of this year. Sure I was always on a yo-yo motion when comes to setting diet and exercise goals in previous times but this time I am very determined to lose it and if I am successful, I made a pact with myself that I will revamp my diet and maintain the ideal weight till the last day of my life.

Losing weight is no easy thing to do, infact it is a torture. So tortured that I sometimes feel like bursting out in tears to accompany my sweat when I am trying to score a higher number of steps or bigger score on the calories counter. So to all people out there who are trying as hard as you can like me, I share your pain. It is the easiest thing to put on weight and the hardest thing to take it off! Naturally both are total opposites and for people who has to go through it, the process is long but with perseverence and strong will, it will pay off.

I have heard alot of remarks about my weight and it hurts most when the negative remarks comes from people whom I am related to. Weight remarks are always harsh no matter how soft toned or well intended they are meant to be and at the meantime I am very frustrated with a remark that I will put back on all the weight no matter how hard  I tried to lose it now. Such negative comments did spoiled my day and I went out and looked around and thought about it. Well, the other thing that this exercise regime did to me besides physically made me fantastic was that my mentality was also polished and progammed to be stronger. I will just set my mind to work harder now and lose it and shut out all bad comments like that once and for all. And if I still  hear something like that, I will comfort myself with the lbs I lost and think that the bad comments were just coming from people who cannot make it themselves and jealousy runs in everything!

I wish to share something. I find the following food helped me through these past 4 months of losing the flab and think everyone should give it a try. They are dried prunes, avocado, almond milk and oatnut bread. I snacked on them during the snack times of mid morning and teatime. And also I totally take out the rice at dinnertime as my metabolism rate is pretty low at dinnertime and work on the threadmill in the evening before I hit the bed. I found out that rice is really something that I should eat at a minimum quantity in the afternoons only and not at night as I can still burn it off as energy for the rest of the half day left but after dinner time, the carbs from rice seems to linger on in my system and build up as excess! I may have very strange food intake strategies here but since it worked, I hope it can help anyone else too.

Till next time, all I can say is there is really no shortcut to losing weight except exercise and food intake watch. Do whatever you can to motivate yourself and remember that the longer you wait to lose it, the harder it will be. Negative remarks are only a form of motivation and as long as I take it and rethink it, it can be turned into a positive motivation!

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Plain Jane said...

Hey J. Well done to taking this step towards a 'newer-outside' you!
I know personally how comments do hurt! Keep up the good work, girl!