Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chocolate Tofu Pudding Tarts

I came across this new product from Nasoya called Silken Style Creations, made of tofu or soy and flavored with Chocolate. I grabbed it without much thought of what I am going to do with it until today, I logged onto the site and followed the recipe suggested! Very interesting to know that I can make a chocolate based dessert from tofu without any cheese, eggs nor extra cream added. All my childhood and adult life in Malaysia, little did I know tofu can be this versatile and certainly looking forward to use this product more in future.

I had some tart dough left over from my last Vegetable tart baking and used it up by making 6 smaller tartlets, about 3.5inch each. The only thing about using this soy product is that after the baking is done, the desserts need to be refrigerated to set further. And as the corn flour added to the tofu product was minimum, the texture of it resembles more like a set pudding and doesn't really cut well. To bake a firmer tart will require using cream cheese or some fat with the tofu. Perhaps next time I should try making a cheesecake out of the original silken tofu. The idea of using this product is to reduce the fat content of the baked dessert and a more better option for weight watching people like me.

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