Sunday, April 11, 2010

Raisin & Lemon Curd Bread

I had some Lemon curd left from my Easter Lemon Curd tart baking and thought of using it up by this week. Since the bread supply is running low, I made a bread today. I think if I am given a farm, I would have rear chickens for eggs and milk the cow too! All these constant baking and cooking has saved me alot of money of buying store ready stuffs and I feel happy to be able to take a few simple ingredients and make something out of it. Believe it or not, I started buying the 50lbs bread flour sack from Costco and since last September till now, I am now left with 1/3 of the content. So, plenty of bread and buns are yet to be baked!

Before I venture to another bread dough recipe in another bread book, I wanted to test the same bread dough that I used for the past 3 months to make a loaf bread and see whether the outcome and texture of it in a loaf shape is the same as the buns. Interestingly, the texture of the bread appears more coarse than the buns but soft in bite. Definitely, the process of water roux bread is better for a softer loaf than this recipe, where the water roux produces soft strands that is visible when pull apart. This loaf is more crumbly when cut apart and very good if toasted. I just divided the bread dough into 2 parts and spreaded the lemon curd on each, rolled them up in logs and placed in 2 loaf pans. After another 30 mins of rising, they were baked for 15 mns.

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