Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Bento Days (1)

I rised early this morning to make 2 Lunch Bento and 1 snack Bento. Talk about wife and motherly love and duties, I think I am doing pretty good!

Today is Prince D's first time staying back in his pre-school for lunch and I made a simple Bento for him. He is 3 plus and he always says he is a big boy while I think he is still a baby. Miss E doesn't like to see anything Winnie the Pooh anymore in her Bento Box but Prince D is currently smitten to the honey bear character.  To me Winnie the Pooh depicts the pure innocence of childhood with all its lovable curiosities and huggable cuteness. Which is exactly how I look at my own son!

Despite his serious and unfriendly face at school, I find that he has opened up alot since January and infact enjoying school but in his own terms. Raising a son is very different from a daughter and same as me, Prince D's teachers are still waiting for that crack of smile each morning he goes into school, greeting them without any prompting. Till then, we just have to wait for that magic moment to happen!

I made some patties from ground pork and dipped them in egg and panko before deep frying them. Actually I wanted to bake them but it will take longer to cook and I still had to prepare Curry's Lunch Bento. Preparing more than one Bento at a given time needs some planning and time flies before I heard the gang getting up on the bedrooms floor and crying for breakfast! For the Pooh's face and all the cut out carrot stars, with the jello cup, I did it last night as they take up the most time if I had to make it this morning.

Curry's Bento was made up of rice, braised chicken drummets and shiitake mushroom together with blanched Bok Choy and pickled seaweed. Dried seaweed shreds are available in packages at Asian stores and said to be loaded with iron and minerals. It must first be soaked and rinsed before cooking to get rid of the salt content. I usually use it in making the Asian dessert of green bean soup and for this cold salad like side dish for the Bento, I boiled some vinegar and sugar and poured into the blanched seaweed kelp strips and let it marcerated overnight.


Bento Box said...

Great work on the bentos! These look very yummy!

Imagica said...

always soo creative!

Imagica said...

always creative with your bento!