Friday, April 23, 2010

Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

It was a busy week. April has gone very fast and next week will be my kids' spring break! Not much planned as one week is not too short and not too long afterall. After this Spring break, Miss E will end her Kindergarten year soon and I cannot believe how she has grown so much and will be given the title First Grader in September. By then, my days will even go faster juggling morning routine of Bento and breakfast up to dinnertime! Good thing I have started to go on a strenuous regime to get fit and slim starting now or else I will never ever be able to concentrate and lose my fatty pounds.
I made these cookies during the week for my friend's birthday. I hate to get gifts from the stores and I believe mommies like me has a wide range of things they like and don't like and it is better to let their hubbies get them those gifts and so the only thing I can make specially for them are from my kitchen. Afterall, I am known to cook up a storm everytime I invite them over for lunch and baking them some cookies and cakes on their birthdays just comes naturally.
I used the same recipe as my Lemon shortbread cookies but omitting the ingredients of lemon zest and lemon juice and adding 4 tbsp cocoa powder with 3 tbsp milk. I needed to cover the cookie dough while I worked with one batch as the cocoa can clump up and the air dries up the texture of the dough which makes it crumbly to roll. As the birthday girl loves chocolate, I thought cocoa will be on the lighter side compared to chocolate chip cookies and I am sure she makes them herself all the time! This recipe yields about 3 dozen small round cookies.

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crazymommy said...

Thank you for cookies! Love them so much that I almost finished everything myself! ;)