Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Turtle Bread

I have liked turtles and tortoises since young and I remember well that my brothers and I used to have 6 tortoises, each bought at different period of times and one after another and we overfed them and they grew big too quickly. To see them grow in our small tank was both a learning process and fun way to spend time when there was nothing else to play with. If my kids ever ask for a pet, 2 fishes or 2 tortoises will be the only choices they get! If they don't ask, I count my blessings and keep quiet!

To make these cute breads, all you need is your favorite bread dough with one made plain and another with cocoa powder added. Once both types of bread dough are kneaded and let rested and risen according to the recipe,  you just have to divide and roll out the 6 parts that make up the whole turtle. The shell body part is to be made first by rolling the dough into a ball, next the 4 legs from the different colored dough and lastly the head part. All parts are then attached together by pinching the dough together and I used chocolate chips for the eyes which was inserted after the baking and before the bread cool wholly on the rack.

I used a recipe that has only bread flour, sugar, yeast and milk. The texture and crust of these bread resembles the French Baguette, crusty and crackly on the outside which suits the appearances of the tortoises well! As there was no fat in these breads, I had to include a pan of hot water into the oven during the baking to ensure that the bread doesn't dry out too much. My kids absolutely loved them and was telling me to try out other animals too. Maybe next time. At the meantime, I will take it slow and steady like the tortoises!

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