Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Bento Days (1)

I finally re-arranged all my Bento tools and boxes into compartments and cupboards and feel so good to know where to look for a tool when I need it! This hobby of mine is taking up a bit of space and dare I say, making me want to spend money on every cute food picks and containers. But I guess all crafters do spend some money to pursue their interests further and do spend dollars with less sense when they come across materials and tools that can make their craft even better. I just have to comfort my thoughts that I am making food with my hobby and every purchase of an extra lunch box or cutter is worth every cent, though not necessarily making sense to have more than 10 lunch boxes with only 3 persons that I need to pack Bento for!!

This morning I made 3 similar Bento boxes for Curry and my kids. Infact I made one for myself too with all the left overs ingredients from theirs and needless to say, mine looked nothing like theirs, just dumping in everything before I rushed out of the door to pick up my kids for a playdate and sending over Curry's Bento box to his office.

I have always wanted to attempt this dish which comprise of omelette wrapped over tomato rice. Having the Japanese style rectangle non stick frying pan helps alot, as the omelette can be pan fried to a uniform size and the tomato rice filling is then scooped onto the middle and using a spatula or chopstick to encase it with the edges of the omelette. The pan with the omelette is then flip over onto a flat plate with the seam facing down and then I just used a large spatula to spoon the whole omelette and arranged into the Bento containers. It can be tricky for a first timer but after some practice, the skill can be perfected.

The rice filling is made up of boiled white rice with rice seasoning "furikake" sprinkled and mixed in and some tomato ketchup. I used Japanese mirin sweet cooking wine, rice vinegar, dark soy sauce, pepper and cornstarch to marinate the chicken drumstick, and pan fried and braised till tender. Kids don't actually mind that fruits are packed together with the main meal in one box but I think Curry doesn't like the idea, so I completed his Bento box with black olives and pickled cucumber and carrot slices.

During this week, I also resumed packing cute snack boxes for Miss E's snack time at school and she was pleased as I had been lazy throughout the past 2 months and fed her crackers, cheese and fruits only in all her school snack boxes! I can't wait to pack Prince D's first lunch box to school when he has to stay back next week. It will be his first time having lunch with all his pre-school mates and I hope he will love his first experience of eating Bento away from home, me and Miss E.

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