Monday, March 1, 2010

Food Magnets

I used to have alot of favorite things when I was in my teens and 20s but now I have reached the age that I only consider things my favorite when they stand out above the rest of things and simply breath taking when I look at it. Remember those little dim sum magnets I posted 2 years ago? Well, they are still stuck to the fridge and I still love them! And I got some more new ones from my Auntie Cat last December when I was back in Malaysia.... what can I say, the workmanship just get more sophisticated and amazingly made for my enjoyment! They are the only things I play with when the soup is simmering or the fish is steaming. I wish I can make them myself but my fat fingers wouldn't let me. And thank goodness they are RM12 for 3. Such inexpensive things that brings so much fun to my kitchen.

These new ones are dishes, contained in noodle cups, bowls and bento boxes. Amazingly emulated, every piece looked real, from the piece of meat down to the egg yolk! Look at the abalone in the noodle cup and that piece of fatty pork besides the Bok Choy! Even the shrimp laksa begs you to pick each up and nibble them. The bowls collection are mostly Asian sweet desserts and the glutinous rice balls with sweet filling "Tong Yuen" is so cute with one of its filling spilling out! Needless to say, Bento boxes whether real or plastic must be neat in every sense and I am just amazed at the details of the boxes themselves with complete lacquer texture and gold prints.

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Lia Chen said...

Looks so real! Cute in their mini size :)