Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Bento Days (2)

As it is school vacation this week, I geared up on making Bento for the kids. To make a complete Bento takes some time and I am definitely not able to do this every morning for Miss E's lunch time when she enters 1st Grade next September. As much as I want to create cute designs, I think it is not very practical to wake up early every morning during the school year to do this category of food art. And so when I have the time, I try my best to make use of all the Bento tools I have to make a fun lunch for my kids.

My kids love sushi rolls but my weakness is I can never learn to roll a perfectly shaped one. If there was ever a sushi class in my neighborhood, I will pay to learn to make it the proper way. For these Bento, I just rolled up rice with sliced deli ham and shaped them to a triangular shape with the help of the sushi bamboo mat. The pork patties were made by mixing mince pork with salt, pepper and cornflour and adding in green peas to add extra color. The sides were completed with omelette and steamed broccoli. As I always hear kids complaining about broccoli but not mine, I try to include it into every Bento boxes I made so far.

For this Bento, I used a pre-cut nori wrap that was given to me by Curry's niece, Heidi and it was so easy to use. All I had to do was to shape the rice with a mould and wrap the nori all around it to form a soccer ball. Instead of deep frying the chicken from scratch, I used boxed chicken patties and pan fried a piece and cut them into smaller pieces to fit into the silicon cups. The mayo dip containers were fun to use and the kids love them. They do come in all shapes and very bright colors too and just perfect to fill the gaps inside the boxes.


Lia Chen said...

Hi Lily! I came across your blog when I do googling about Hong Kong. Nice bento! I love the soccer ball ;)

Bento Box said...

The soccer balls are ace! I will have to adopt this idea if you don't mind! I have 2 boys - they will go mad for this! Thanks so much for sharing - Great blog - the cakes on your most recent post looks Absolutely delectable!!! :o)