Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chocolate Vanilla Cake/Birthday Cake for Curry

Happy Birthday Curry! Wishing you the best in everything, older and wiser, success in work and love always from us all.

This year I made a real birthday cake with a dense butter and sour cream cake with a rich chocolate frosting. And went overboard decorating it as I didn't made anything for Valentine's Day and thought my ideas should be let loose and flow!

Chocolate cake seems to be one of Curry's favorite but not really mine. I attempted his birthday cake for the first time when we first met 15 years ago in the miserable university dorm kitchen of mine. It was a good attempt, although not very presentable but it is always the thought that counts. I always tell my kids that all the cakes I make for them are special as there is only one of such cake in this world and no one else can make it nor eat it except them only. Well, of course they always wanted a birthday cake with a character which I couldn't make and had to order it instead! But all the other dessert cakes I have made so far serves the same message. I really think that is the real message of a birthday, the person is super special on his day and the candles represent all he had gone through since he was born years ago and should be celebrated every year as he progresses in life with a special cake. I hope this cake represents my kids love for their daddy and my hope and passion for my husband to continue to grow old healthy and happy. And of course love me for who I am, no matter how cranky I can get at times.


Agnes said...

I am so impressed Jie, SO IMPRESSED. It is so BEAUTIFUL.

Imagica said...

Soooo sweetttt... i love the deco!