Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Years Old

I thought of it! Maybe I should do something to celebrate my 2nd year of blogging but hey, with what I have been feeding it here all these 2 years, I think it is already Overstuffed!

Although February has been very slow here, my ideas get going in my brain. There are alot of baking and cooking I want to try out but this time of the year just slows everything down. Call it the transitional upset from winter to the ever forward hoping Spring weather with all its marvellous colors that I long to get inspired from to do something. Hopefully these past few days with the warm sun will get those buds everywhere popping out and brighten up my mojo again!

Here's to another year of happy baking, cooking, travel, ranting and blogging! And hey, guess what I got for this special day? A New Canon camera to replace my beloved old broken one. Now that is what I call encouragement to go on with this blog! Will Be Back soon!


Plain Jane said...

Hey J! Haven't been to your site in ages! How have u been?? Just love your rock mama!! I've put baking on the shelf for a ur cakes..still..:-)

that's me said...

Hi I just descovered your blog but I like it and your bentos are great!
very creative ideas keep going

terri@adailyobsession said...

congrats on the new camera n keep on blogging!

Bento Box said...

Congratulations for your anniversary! :o)