Friday, January 29, 2010

January 2010 Bento Days (3)

I am so relieved that January is coming to an end. Of all the months in a year, January is my least favorite. Blame it on the season! And when January is over, another winter month less and February looks more promising with a little sweetness from Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year and shorter calendar days!!!

It was below -10C today with gusty biting wind and standing by my kitchen window I imagined the Tundra cold weather out there! When my dad was alive, we used to watch nature programmes together and he always asked a silly question, "Sigh, why do the penguins want to go and live there (South Pole), it is so cold!" And I would say "oh Yes, if I was a penguin I want to live in a zoo! Everything taken care of and the temperature is perfect". Just like me in my 66F heated house now. Warm and cozy is the only way I will have a long life!

Miss E just recovered from an ear infection and was off to school today as she complained being bored staying home. Whereas I do believe that her little brother, Prince D wishes that his sister will stay home everyday and be his playmate. I thought of the penguin story and made these Bento boxes for my kids lunch today while the outside cold kept lingering.

I have no idea on how to wrap a rice ball with the nori. Perhaps the nori that I used was toasted beforehand and it was brittle when I tried to shape it around the rice ball, hence not a very neatly wrapped penguin! I attempted the all black penguin first and found it a bit discouraging and only made the head part black for the next penguin. I pan fried some pork patties, mixed in with some cut carrots to give them extra texture and color. My kids love quail eggs, although they are really not very good for adults as each individual egg's cholesterol is higher than a normal chicken egg. But kids have more allowance on this and I let them have 2 each. The Japanese fish cake (Kamaboko) has a slight fishy smell that kids can take and the Umami taste. It comes in pink or white.

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