Friday, January 22, 2010

January 2010 Bento Days (2)

Ever since I returned from Asia, I find myself very slow in doing everything. Or perhaps lazy! My mom said "Wow, your house is really messy!" If she could see that through the miserable little webcam of my laptop, then in actual it must be really messy!! I have long given up on hope that my house will ever look like those in the IKEA catalog with my 2 kids constantly thrashing things all over and even they do clean up after a harsh tone from me, they will migrate to another room and do the whole process again. In other words, it will be totally impossible to have a totally neat house unless and until I myself thrash all their toys to the garbage ! But then, they will bother me all the time and I will have no peace time at all, and so I reluctantly chose to live with the mess and be their cleaning lady.

Miss E stayed home today with her cold symptoms. Even though full of snot and a husky voice, she still managed to spend half of the day reading and doing crafts with her brother and even argued along the way. I was glad that I took the initiative to take out a craft book from the library yesterday and let the kids maneuvered their ways with the scissors, foam, glue and glitter while I ran into the kitchen trying to think of something to keep my sanity knowing that a big mess will be waiting for me by the time they finish. All I can think of for the day was Bento lunches and I was creating as much mess as my kids with their craft supplies.
I am beginning to like the various rice moulds that I have. Most were given to me by friends and relatives. The bear one was extremely useful and also versatile for other animals beside the bear and I am yet to explore the other options. The side face of the dog rice ball was shaped free hand and obviously, my girl eats more than my boy and had more portions in her box. I am still perfecting my skills on making the Japanese omelette and I used SPAM/luncheon meat for these Bento boxes. I have also resorted to buying those individual servings packs of nori slices that is eaten as snack rather than the big slices that are used for rolling sushi rice, as I don't really use much each time and the individually wrapped one seems to have more flavor added to it.


Sam said...

Cheers to your incredible photos. So colorful and clear. Really fine work, and I love the Keri (a.k.a. Sam)bentos too.

Lily Anette said...

Sam : Thanks for the compliments.