Monday, January 18, 2010

January 2010 Bento Days (1)

Throughout the whole week, I was glued to the TV on the news of the recent Haiti earthquake. It was very heartbreaking to see children as young as my own suffering from the aftermath, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. I hate to admit it but I do get wet eyes looking at the scenes and Miss E kept asking me what happened to the people who were rushing and fighting for packages dropped from the chopper, what happened to the baby and so on. In the past, perhaps exposing her to such calamities and catastrophic happenings may be too much to handle but I am proud to say that my daughter understands the situation well and learning to be very civic minded about things like that. Or perhaps I am just insensitive and have to lead my kids into everything, even the news I am watching! Even Prince D who is 3 plus learned his numbers through reading the TV remote control, thanks to me who ask him to switch to CNN all day long. Anyways, we done our part via UNICEF and I just hope God have mercy on those who survived, especially the young ones who practically have to rebuild their lives from zero.

Snowy day today and school was out in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. day. I have been re-arranging my Bento stuffs last week and really, most of my loot from Malaysia and Hong Kong are still in their plastic baggies and I am still figuring on how and where to locate the biggest portable box to contain them all. They are currently like my kids toys, scattered everywhere in a big bin and still impossible to compartmentalize and identify them by types and usage.

I would like to thank Heidi for getting me all the cutest Bento stuffs from Japan and seriously, no Daiso nor anything online outside Japan can offer more choices. When I stayed in Japan in early 2001, I was not sucked into the Bento craze as I had no kids then and rightly to say, my cooking skills then were not good enough and Curry loved his neighborhood Obachan's family restaurant so much that he can eat there for all his 3 meals. I can imagine if I was there now, I will be the first one at Daimaru or Isetan when a new Bento tool or box is introduced into the market! At the meantime, I just have to curb my enthusiasm and limit my spending on these appealing stuffs or else I will never get to the point of arranging the Bento tools!

For today's Bento boxes, nothing fancy and I just let the colors of the ingredients bring out their best. Grape tomatoes is a change to the usual baby round tomatoes and they seem to have a brighter red and its oblong rather than round shape makes stuffing the boxes easy. I love the apple shaped mini cups that contained the blueberries as they blend in with the other ingredients well and still separated the fruits from the cooked rice and chicken meat. I managed to get alot of new food picks from Daiso and when I have no idea what to make with the rice balls or tired of the nori punched outs, these picks will brighten anything that you poke it with! Furikakae or nori flakes comes in various flavors and easily located at any Japanese or Asian grocery. They do perk up the white rice in taste and in appearance.

I got up very early to make Curry's Bento box first which contained mostly the same thing as the kids, except his box has the additional long bean omelette and julienned carrot. Due to the late rise of the sun, my camera didn't worked very well in the yellow soft light. Thank you Auntie Mary for giving me 2 of these lacquered Bento Boxes and be assured that they will be put to full use.

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