Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hong Kong & Macao Trip (Part 4)

Macao was on my day trip plans and we chose the worst day of all days to go! Or maybe it was like that everyday with tonnes of visitors and tourists queuing up for tickets, poorly defined line for immigration checks and another bout of the same thing arriving upon the port of Macao! Remember when the media televised the mayhem of the visitors that went to Hong Kong Disneyland when it first opened, when everyone was eager to enter and packed like sardines in rows, shoulder to shoulder, front face to back head, tensions built up and no chance of running to the loo for hours standing in queue? Well, I was like one of those sardines on Boxing Day and from entering the Kowloon port to exiting the Macao port, it took me almost 4 hours! My advice: get your tickets days earlier and don't bring the young kids.
Despite the unpleasant travel, Macao is a very nice place. Far from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, it still retained some of its Portuguese flair in many sites and way of life. Mixed in with the boisterous nature of the locals and the smell of sea and cleaner air, my short and abrupt 4 hours day tour in the Macao Peninsula side was a very fun trip! The tourists maps available were very clear on all the locations of the interesting sites and to save time, just hop on a cab and head straight down to the main tourist square called Senado Square opposite the Macao Public Administration Building along the Rua Do Campo Road. The fare is pretty cheap about HK$23. From there, Curry and I raced to fill up our stomach with a delicious deep fried pork bun and along the way, sweetening up with Portuguese tarts, freshly baked almond cookies and samples of pork jerky! Since time was very limited before we need to beat the human traffic and catch the next jetty back to Kowloon by 6.30pm, we narrowed down to 2 must see sites, the Realms of St Paul and A-Ma Temple. Most of the Portuguese churches and local food vendors are located within walking distance of the Senado Square, with cobbled and narrowed streets winding up and down from one square to another and makes for a very interesting walk.

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