Friday, January 8, 2010

Hong Kong & Macao Trip (Part 3)

Throughout my whole 10 days in Hong Kong, I stayed in the Kowloon side and totally forgotten the joy of hopping onto one of those Star Ferries to sail over to the Hong Kong Island side. Indeed, there are more upscale malls and business districts over there and all the interesting attractions for a person like me are situated in Kowloon. To say Hong Kong is small compared to other places is true but it takes days, time and a good planning of a schedule to see everything it has to offer. Although a far off from the usual things that tourists see, I am very happy to go around and simply snapped everything that looked interesting and post it here! To sum it up, my mini de-tours from the usual beaten paths of Hong Kong were pretty unique.
I made Nathan Road and also the Tsim Tsa Tsui, Mong Kok and Prince Edward subway stations as my main pointer and transportation stop for all these mini tours. My advantage is that I can speak Cantonese and my disadvantage is that my sense of direction is really bad, especially within concrete building areas and multitude channels of smaller streets that can actually make one very claustrophobic and delirious at the same time! Best advice.... bring along a local if you can like I did and tell them beforehand what you want to see!

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As with my interests in all things culinary, I got a very useful tip from my monthly BBC Good Food Magazine on where to buy kitchen stuffs! Shanghai Street which is accessible from Exit B1 of the Yau Ma Tei subway station was a brilliant place. Again, all the shops selling pots, pans, cookie cutters, big and small woks to all sorts of utensils were concentrated on a 2 blocks stretch. And here, my money flies faster than any where else in Hong Kong as I was really lost amongst the choices of unique mooncake and biscuit moulds, mousse cake moulds, cutest cupcake liners and specially shaped vegetable cutters with the patterns of the auspicious Chinese pheasant and dragon. I highly recommend this street to anyone interested in the art of food preparation. Curry was impressed that I was able to fish out this place as he had never been there and he begins to believe that food bloggers like myself do mean business when we say we are food enthusiasts who will hunt down anything related to food and not simply a waste of time to write up a food blog! So far, I haven't seen the Bento craze sweeping the Hong Kong market yet and Bento tools were not available.

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Nice pictures! I esp like that golden sow & piglets necklace pix! So Chinese! HAHA!