Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hong Kong & Macao Trip 2009 (Part 2)

Hong Kong is definitely known as a shopping mecca. Malls, shops and business retails that adorned each and every streets attract customers with nice displays, salespersons standing ready from the door to the cashier counter to take your dollars and multitude of varieties of things that you might never know existed nor found in anywhere else. The qualities ranges from cheap and tacky, reasonable and useful to expensive beyond beliefs! All you ever need to carry out from your apartment or hotel room is your wallet and a carrying bag! And of course lots of cash as HK$100 flies within minutes if you are a shophaholic, or simply a usual window shopper like myself who is bound to be attracted to spend money no matter how frugal I am!
Lucky for Curry, I am not into fashion nor handbags. For this trip I came with a list of places that I must go and see rather than must buy. I tried my best to cover all the backstreets of Kowloon first which I think I succeeded and had to leave the Hong Kong island side for the next trip. And best of all, my sister in law was kind enough to babysit my kids while I roamed around without much concern for tired feet and hungry tummies.

The street markets that I ventured out to see was Temple Street ('Miu Kai'), Ladies Market ('Lui Yan Kai'), Flowers Market and Goldfish Market. All these are located in the Mong Kok area which can be very confusing to visitors like myself and I admit that I wouldn't be able to cover everything if not for the help of Curry's cousins. A big thank you to them for this wonderful experience. I was amazed by the number of stores located in both the Flowers Market and Goldfish Market, which stood next to each other, opposite facing and running for at least 2 blocks! And each of them sold the same thing and according to Curry, they can survive by offering one or two unique and exotic species with eye catching displays of their commodities. I guess that is the very basic way of doing busines in Asia and no matter how big or small, competition is fierce. And I would like to add, there is ample consumer potential in Hong Kong itself that keeps these businesses running. In short, I enjoyed the walk along these 2 markets despite the fact that I have nothing to buy for the one reason that all are concentrated in one street and you can see alot in one place. For Temple Street and Ladies Market, counterfeit and cheap knock off fashions are plenty coupled with souvenir stuffs and whatever stuffs that never crossed your mind! I managed to find stalls selling paper punches that I have been locating for my Bento nori punching quest and oh boy was I spoiled for choices! But beware at these markets, once you touch the stuffs, the vendor will come selling and you might get an unpleasant smirk or even a scolding for not buying. Well of course, a thick face can always shield you!


terri@adailyobsession said...

i love your photos. my hk friends tell me tt walking flower street during cny is a tradition for most hkgers bc all the best flowers will be imported for tt festival. so want to go there tt time but can imagine what my in laws will say...

terri@adailyobsession said...

i just saw a tv program on shanghai st last week! i'm not sure if i've been there, must ask my hk friends. isn't hk just heaven for food n shopping? EVERYWHERE you go are things to eat & buy & see!