Friday, November 20, 2009

November Bento Days (3)

Since I am not celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I skipped to the X'mas feel fast forward! Instead of orange, brown and red, all I see these days are red, green and white. Although there will be no white X'mas in Asia, I can still resort to making cookies iced white with sprinkles. As long as the icing doesn't melt in the heat before I get them onto the cookies!

2009 has come and almost gone too fast for my counting and reminiscing. Both my kids are off to school, although not full time but the 3 hours absence of them gives me more time to sip a cup of tea and reconnect with my brain cells and of course to keep a little peace and try to keep my house neat. It is that time of the year again to set goals and list things to do for next year. Funny on how I love to plan everything these days and simply cannot function when I don't set it out in paper & pen. Raising kids have really took away my spontaneity in life and as they grow each year, I wish I can maintain my young at heart self and be more relaxed in doing everything.

For this week's Bentos, I attempted more on the cute characters and figured on how to take the usual bread, rice and even frozen food to the next level! Although I very much wanted to make a complete Bento with X'mas themes, I was always short of time this week and only able to make one character at a time. I found some X'mas themed non-pareils at the craft store and used them to accent the reindeer's nose and ears. They will be very useful in decorating X'mas baked goods for people like me who don't really like tinting my icing creams with food coloring, just a few sprinkles over a white cookie brings out all the festive spirit! For the brown chick, I heated up a piece of frozen chicken nugget in the toaster oven and decorated it with carrot, cheese and seaweed pieces. I find that microwaving nuggets give them a soggy texture and although baking them in the oven takes a bit more time but they do turn out crisp and I learned the trick of putting them in an aluminum liner before inserting them into the box to keep it fresh and crisp till snack time. The snowman was made with 2 rice balls, pinned together from top to bottom with a food pick through a small piece of chicken wiener as the hat. The hands are just heart shaped picks and the buttons are made up of peas, attached to the rice with a dab of mayo. I only dare to use picks with Miss E as she knows how to remove them before eating but it is advisable not to use picks for children who are younger and Prince D definitely cannot really differentiate yet between what is edible and what is not.

We will be leaving early Monday for HK and I am so excited to see all my family and relatives again in Malaysia. The last time I visited my homeland was 2 years ago and I am sure alot has changed but one thing I am very sure, my family and relatives always welcome us with rows and rows of food on the potluck table and I can't wait to document all of them and post it here! After picking up this hobby of cooking, baking and blogging, I really understand the phrase that "food is what brings the family together" and I would like to thank all my uncles, aunties and cousins who always supported this blog of mine and always tuning in to see my culinary adventure! I am going home... see you all soon.


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