Friday, November 6, 2009

Kindergarten Bento Days (November Week 1)

Perhaps my camera is not working right anymore or the sun rises more later in the day, I was a bit lazy in blogging about the Bentos that I made in the last 3 weeks! And I totally lost track on what week it is now that Miss E has been in kindergarten! When my inner drive to do it is lost, I just have to click on other Bento sites to get me going again. Making Bento has given me a different perspective in food preparation and presentation and giving up on it is really a pity when my kids do enjoy the cute rice balls and colorful ingredients. I may not be able to bake everyday but I should be making Bento for my kids as it is good for me, physically I become an early riser and go to bed at normal time, mentally I feel good that I have tried my best to give my kids good choices in food while my kids eat healthy and hopefully appreciate my efforts too. Prince D will have the opportunity to attend longer hours at his pre school next year and I am looking forward to pack him some nice lunch bento.

I have taken a liking to the kiwi fruit as it is sweet at this time of the year and very reasonably priced. Although the pomegranate is in season now, I find it a bit messy with its staining red juice and perhaps not a wise choice for a kindergarten Bento box. For the flower patterns on the crackers and rice balls, I attached them with a bit of mayonaise and they did transported well without falling apart till snack time. I find mini cookie cutters very useful in the quick preparation of the decorating part in Bento boxes and little touches like black poppy seeds, sesame seeds and seaweed nori strips makes a plain rice ball more interesting.

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