Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bento Days November (2)

One more week of Bento next week and I am off duty doing it till next year! But hey, I am eager to go shopping for Bento tools in Asia though, and will come back with loads of new things! I am a manic Bento mom you know!!!!

Big thank you to Crazymommy for the fruits picks. Looks like my Bento tools container is filling up very quickly and soon I might need a cupboard space to store everything!

This week I tried the sandwich rolls and I find only the store bought white bread is soft enough to be rolled thin with a rolling pin. My first attempt with the ham and cheese didn't turn out very well and I tried again with the egg salad. I rolled them tightly and wrapped the bread roll in a cling film and left it overnight in the fridge. It came out better in shape.

I introduced persimmon to Miss E and she liked it for its crunchiness. I find that the persimmons we get here never seem to soften even after sitting at the countertop for a week. But they are sweet though. Cubed pineapple is a good alternative to oranges and they fit snuggly in a side container. One of the easiest dish to cook for kids is chicken in cream of mushroom. Stir fry the chicken meat for 5 mins and pour over the cream of mushroom and let it simmer for a further 15 mins. Add in peas and you get a yummy creamy lunch.

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