Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Bento Days (1)

The leaves outside are slowly turning colors and the autumn wind gives a chill to my spine. The occasional rain makes everything set for a damp and cold day which makes one feel that all you need is a cup of tea with cozy slippers and lots of lazing around. I believe these autumn days can make me very lazy and my instinct tells me that I should do something that takes up alot of my attention and time!

I haven't made a Bento box for Prince D for sometime now and I pity him always looking at his sister's school snack box while he gets to eat only the scraps and pieces from the left over ingredients that I used for Miss E's snack box. He is a very special boy and although he hasn't learned alot in school nor in life compared to his sister, emotionally he understands on what is he missing out and can feel that he is not getting more attention than his sister at times. Kids minds are very interesting to me, sometimes I think I know them very well, and yet I cannot say so. It is just a growing phase in every one of them and before I can grip a hold on their current thinking, they are already showing a different phase and planning things up their sleeves the next minute! Every day they grow, I learn something new.

The baby tomatoes that we are growing in our small patch is growing well and I love it when tomatoes come with their vine leaves. It just adds another dimension and perks up the lunch boxes contents. Brown Enoki mushrooms is a very good ingredient to introduce to kids as they are slightly chewy and tastes earthy. I succumbed to the temptation of buying frozen chicken nuggets which I just heated it up in the microwave for more than 1 minute. One thing good about my kids is that they eat broccoli and love peas. It is obvious that I always include a green and a red in their Bento boxes to tempt their eyes and palates.

Perhaps I made them waited too long, which was 30 mins past their usual lunch time, both Prince D and Miss E finished everything within 15 mins. I was curious on how fast does Miss E actually eat and she was already on her last broccoli when Prince D nibbled on the peas & corn! I heard from my friend Crazymommy that kids at her age don't normally eat much during snack time and for the whole month since she started school, I always wondered if she was the last one to finish up her snacks and took extra time from the 10 mins alloted for snack time. Without problem, she can finish her snack box contents every day and she always says that she is the fastest to finish up in her class! Well, the teachers are not complaining and I am comfortable with packing varieties of snacks for her school Snack box everyday.


Mary Chey said...

Your bento box so temptation till my 3 angels ask me to make for them. How lucky is Prince D & Miss E. I'm not sure if i have a creative mind like your!!! Keep it up.

Lily Anette said...

Your 3 angels should make you one instead! :) I also wish someone will make me a Bento Box one day!