Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kindergarten Bento Days (Week 4)

September flew by so quickly and I hardly had time to do much except Bento for Miss E. A new supply of Bento tools came in early this week and I was over the roof with excitement! In the midst of making all these kids Bento, I kind of lost the urge to fix Curry's Bento box as I used to last time. Perhaps it is the first month of school and I am still trying to juggle and balance the time and all the activities during the whole week and hardly any more energy left to prepare an adult sized Bento. Perhaps October will be better with the cooler weather, a more settled mind and more organized in the daily routines.

Prince D seems to be behaving better this week in terms of attending school. Although still loaded with a grumpy face and defiant glare everytime he steps through the school's door, I am confident that he will emerge with a happier personality after a whole year with his wonderful and patient teachers.


Kitchen Butterfly said...

I am amazed at the beauty of these boxes. I have never attempted to make a bento box - the most creative I've gotten is giving my girls pancake shapes (hearts and stars) in their lunch boxes. I am inspired...but when??? Soon I hope!

Lily Anette said...

Kitchen Butterfly: Thanks for the compliments. Start very soon as they will not be young forever and I am sure you will enjoy making these type of LunchBoxes, it is quite addictive for me :). It is the kids smiles that I cherish everytime they open their LunchBoxes.