Thursday, September 10, 2009

Miss E's Kindergarten Snack Box (Week 1)

Although it was only a mere 2 short months that I haven't made lunch boxes, it felt like so long ago since I last open up my Bento boxes and tools. It was difficult to get back into the groove of making things and stuffing them into those mini lunch boxes and when Miss E is allowed only to bring a snack sized box, I was bewildered for a while on how to do a smaller portions from the lunches that I usually make for her. Luckily Miss E can eat very fast and my ways of doing it is still maintaining alot of textures and colors but cut or divided into smaller fractions that she can finish within 10 mins. There are plenty of things in the groceries that I actually start to look out these days like little packages of crackers, yogurt cups and even Cheerios are useful when there is simply no idea for the day. But like any Bento enthusiasts, once we start doing it, we just cannot turn back to stuffing a packet of cookies or crackers only into our kids bags and we always have the urge to add more nutritions to the contents of the box and even though a snack box only, it can still be a good snack box!

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