Friday, September 25, 2009

Kindergarten Snack Box (Week 3)

The third week of school was good for Miss E. Her reading and maths abilities were tested and the feedback from her teacher was good. Although I don't say it often, I am really blessed to have a daughter like her, she may be sulking at times when she gets reprimanded for bullying her brother but overall in the outside world, she is pretty much very independent and able to adapt to different surroundings easily. She has learned all the names of her classmates and I myself had to ask her to tell me her other teachers' names before I run into one at recess with a blank face . Perhaps I am getting old, I am really bad with names but can only recognize faces these days! Or perhaps, too much early morning Bento to make and by noon, my mind and body kind of disintergrated into different directions and never absorbing but only flickering the remaining energy left!

Ironically, Prince D's week was terrible! He really let those tears flowed out like streams and I am second guessing on whether he is really suitable to go to preschool now. All of sudden, I felt the pangs of separation anxieties and the feeling is mutual. Raising boys is so much more difficult and sometimes I am really clueless. Perhaps it is myself who thinks too much and being the complex one rather than the boy who just speaks or rather in this case, cried out his thoughts! He is aptly named Mommy's Boy. Good luck next week.

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Mary Chey said...

I can never be like you.. so patient in making bento. Everyday cook 1 soup + 2 dish already make my head big what again bento(cute & creative)