Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kindergarten Snack Box (Week 2)

The second week of school is more settling, well at least for myself rather than Miss E who already made herself at home in school on the first day! Making these Bento boxes was a test of my clumsy fat fingers but I relished it as it gets me on my feet every morning and bringing me back to a healthy life of an early riser again.

Previously I have no use for picks nor small compartment containers when I prepared proper lunch portions Bento but now, I find them indispensable when different snack items are packed. And of course because of snack sized requirements for the boxes, I am once again obsessed with mini food items that I can find at the grocery store to fill in. Lucky for me, clementines and tangerines are available now and they fit perfectly! Cheese Sticks come in plain and mixed hues now and cutting them up and piling them on a cute pick makes all the difference. Packing Bento has never been more fun than this!

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