Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prince D's day

Prince D turns 3 today! In a way, I feel a bit emotional seeing his chubby cheeks and fat stumpy legs slowly disappearing into a more kid looked face and getting taller! Before he was 1, I wished that he grows up fast as he was quite a fussy baby and my past experience with Missy E didn't prepare me for him. Now that he is 3, I wish that time will slow down. The bitter sweetness of seeing your kids grow up I guess.
He was born in the night time and came out just exactly I had wanted and envisioned him to be. When he was born, I was ready to avoid all the extra 'good for you and your baby' advices from the nurses and attending doctors, particularly in terms of breast feeding. The first time, the nurses good intentions really reduced me to tears when Missy E didn't latch on and I was determined not to let the same issue get to me when Prince D was not co-operative too. In a way, Prince D allowed me to enjoy motherhood in a more relaxed manner despite the late night feedings as he was infact the second child and they do get less attention than the first one.
Three years forward, he has grown up to be a very lovable boy. He makes silly faces and blows me kissess everytime I stare at him, so as to melt my heart and make me smile instead of frown! Cheeky as he is, I can never bring myself to reprimand him long enough before he cuddle up in my arms and sulk away till he starts running around again. Boys will be boys and my boy is really my little man! Although not as advanced in speech as his sister and sometimes stubborn to the point in affecting his parents moods for the day, he is very precious. I know I might drop a tear or two in seeing him off to Pre-school next month but seeing him growing up well and knowing that he calls out 'MAMA' everytime he sees me, I am just happy to have such a cute little boy. Happy Birthday Prince D, Mommy loves you! Be good!

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terri@adailyobsession said...

happy birthday Prince D! i love boys at 3, they r at their cutest :D