Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Washington DC (Part 5)

Day 5

After being in a hotel room for 3 nights, all I wanted was my own bed and the smell of my own pillows and blankets. We departed from the hotel around 10am and I was infact in charge of the whole driving to our next stop in Pennsylvannia. I believe that there is a reason for everything and the fact that I simply plunked in a home cushion into the car before we left from New Hampshire turned out a very good idea for Curry's serious backpain! And so he sat all the way while the GPS guided me all the way.

Remember that Curry said there was somewhere he still wanted to go and promised that it will be very amazing? Frankly I thought he slept through the idea and forgotten about it and will let me drive quickly to my cousin's place within 2 hours drive from DC but obviously, his back pain didn't deter his plans. And so we drove about for almost 1 hour to the National Air & Space Museum, near Dulles airport. This is a part of the Smithsonian Museums in DC at UdarHazy Center and simply the best place to see all the aviation and space artifacts that you can ever see in your whole life! For an entrance fee of $15.00 per car, this place is worth every penny and minute of your time and we stayed for almost 3 hours!

For the collections, words cannot describe it all and you just have to see it to believe it. There were aircrafts, old and modern, small and big, mighty and friendly and most of all, exclusive in the sense that only here you can really go up close and personal. The Space Shuttle Enterprise is also housed here together with all sorts of missiles, space aviation apparatus and anything that a Star Trek fan can fantasize about!
For something more nearer to Earth, the aircrafts' section is a must see for all flying jets enthusiasts. Despite Curry's straightened pained back, he managed to drag himself across the large floor section to see his wanted to see things, the Blackbird SL 71, the fastest jet in the world. And also the famous Enola Gay B 29 Superfortress Bomber that dropped the first atom bomb in Hiroshima in 1945. Looking at the air aviations achievements in terms of design, speed and sophistication, one cannot help but admire the humankind's plight and imaginations to conquer and soar in the air space. Definitely a well kept promised from Curry and so much more awesome than the main Air & Space Museum in DC.

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