Sunday, July 26, 2009

Washington DC (Part 4)

Day 4

On our last day in DC, we were done with the Museums and set out to see the rest of the beautiful monuments. Curry's back hurt too much and was bed ridden at the hotel room while I lead the pack and explored out. At first I had my doubts as I haven't done any travelling with me being the sole guide and I have a very bad understanding of map directions. Thank goodness the kids were in good spirit and the weather was so airy and nice that we managed to walk for miles without any hitch. Abraham Lincoln's Memorial Monument has always been the planned highlight of this tour and I still look at it in awe after having been there for more than twice. Sitted inside is his marble statue with his famous speeches of Equality for All Men which was an inspiration to all his successors and more poignant now that President Obama is holding the helm of the most important post in America. The architecture of this monument is amazing and standing inside it felt so great and inspired.

From the inside of the Monument, the Reflecting Pool looked the best. With the towering Washington Monument behind it, the view can never looked any mightier and grander. One cannot help but recall all the great and important happenings that occured within this vicinity, notably Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I have a Dream' speech and the protests of wars by peace lovers.
From the Monument, we walked along the Vietnam War Memorial Site. Black granite wall running for almost 1/4 mile, engraved with names of those who died and participated in the much protested war of that time provided tourists a moment of reflection. Although these War Memorials were built to honor the greatness and bravery of those men who died, being here
is somewhat distressing and sad to one's mind. Almost 1 mile down passing a large pond, we arrived at the World War II Memorial. Perhaps this was the only War that all Americans agreed on being for the better cause rather than a futile attempt as with the Korean, Vietnam and currently the war in Iraq. From the architecture of this Memorial, one can feel that the participation of America in World War II was a great feat that united the states and people. On every block of the stones going around the perimeter of the Memorial, each state's name was engraved on it and there were 2 archway stone gates that stood on opposite sides of the Memorial Fountain Pool that represents the Pacific and Atlantic part.
Across the street, stood the mighty Washington Monument. To me, I don't find anything interesting about this Monument, it looked like a plain Obelisk with no spectacular carvings on it but just being mighty tall for all to see from every corner of DC! We ended our walk to the National Aquarium, being the oldest Aquarium in America. The kids were excited as the place was situated in the underground of a huge cobblestone building, totally dark inside with small and mini sized aquariums containing exotic fresh water fish from the rivers in America and also sea water ones. And the only place we had to pay for an entrance fee!
Overall, the kids enjoyed the trip and pity that Curry had a backache while I had to stay alert all time just to make sure everything is in place and to get us to our next destination!

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