Sunday, July 26, 2009

Washington DC (Part 3)

Day 3

We were off to Curry's must see Museum of Air & Space today. This was my least favorite as it is always crowded regardless of any hours or days and I am really not a very scientific nor technological enthusiasts. Having said so, this is the easiest Museum to move around and its IMAX theatres always have good shows scheduled. Much to Curry's delight, he got to revise everything about the solar system with Missy E while Prince D got all excited about the airplanes hanging overhead. Noticing my non interest, Curry promised that in 2 days time I will see the real thing. At that time I didn't know what he was saying and I only hoped he doesn't make me drive our minivan too far to see another airplane that looks more like replica than real! With a backache lurking in him, I see that I will be the sole drive for the rest of our road trip and to think of the journey back to New Hampshire..... geez , I was ready to jump onto the next flight available!

Next we moved on to a more artistic site. Obviously my favorite ones as I admire pottery work with all the intricate drawings, sculptures, bronzed products and whatever that sits neatly in a glass display glass with a history to it. Almost 1 mile down, we reached the Freer & Shakler Galleries of Art. Beautiful collections of things, mostly donated by rich men who rather give to the society than let the beautiful porcelains hide in their houses when they are gone. The most outstanding thing I saw was an old tortoise shell, engraved with chinese characters! There were good collections of artifacts and potteries from all over the world, mostly from the Asia part of the world. And on a hot day, these quiet and cool museums serves the mind and body some relaxation while kids doze off in the stroller and the lounging chairs in every exhibit hall! For me, these are my kind of Museums.

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