Saturday, July 18, 2009

Washington DC (Part 1)

This post has been long coming! It was only 3 weeks ago when we packed the kids and things and drove to Washington DC and yet it seemed so long ago! Although it was my third time there, the capitol city never ceased to intrigue, inspire and educate me in all aspects of history, politics and the greatness of a country. I always feel privileged being able to see alot of things in one place and Washington DC provides just that in a very neat, comfortable and clean environment. After being a suburbanite for some time, navigating around a city on foot with 2 kids, a stroller with videocam, camera and junks and an over enthusiastic hubby and a father in law, I can say that we can still move very fast despite the tourists crowd and occasional whinning of the kids. Planning is everything and we were ready this time.

First Day

After almost 10 hours on the road, we arrived in Washington DC, excited albeit lacking in energy. Despite the humidity, we ventured out to the White House and the area around it for a glimpse before sunset sets in. Although the map set out very clearly on all the streets directions, a sway from the beaten path was unavoidable and we actually had a better view of the White House at its rear side. Lesser crowds at this part meant more opportunities for photos and lesser frustrations from the kids. The well televised Playset brought in by the new First Lady was standing at one corner, and Missy E wanted to go play! Well, only if your dad is the President... and so I said! I love the architectural structures of the buildings and pity though, my camera didn't work very well under the hot sun blaze! Whether it is Gothic, Roman influenced, post Independence or modern, the city has it all. Although from different eras, everything seems to blend in nicely and neatly.

........ to be continued!

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