Friday, July 3, 2009

Missy E's day

What day is more important than Independence Day? My daughter Missy E's birthday of course! She was born exactly at 12.30am on this date 5 years ago, which was one day before Independence Day then. I remember looking out from the hospital bed to a wide array of fireworks display and wondered what this first kid of mine will bring to me.
After a whole year of late nights feedings, countless diapers mess and alot of baby babbling, Missy E suddenly sprouted in her first year. She picked up everything quickly from speech to feeding herself and went on the airplane for 7 hours to attend her dad's annual work conference in California just 3 weeks before her first birthday and I never had a single worry about a difficult baby as she did very well. And came the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now the 5th birthday! Sigh, she has completed all the fingers on my one hand and I cannot comprehend on how fast it will go before she hits 10. With the kids going into Kindergarten level, time passes as if it was a blowing wind and will not stop for anything.
The same can be said about Missy E. Everytime I look back to the old photos and what she has learned throughout, it just amazes me. This year she obviously shine in her piano playing, expanding vocabulary, self awareness of everything and last night, she learned her first game of chess. I, myself being a mother sometimes get really lazy but because of Missy E's determination in learning everything and wanting to know everything keeps me on my feet all the time. I seriously have to thank her for opening up my own world as I hardly remember my own childhood filled with so much opportunities of learning, fun and play and to see my own child having such privileges and learning the qualities of winning, losing and playing fair under my watchful eyes and guidance makes me proud of myself. All I can say is my daughter is a remarkable little girl and although I would like to practise modesty, praising her on her birthday is a right on its own! Happy Birthday Missy E, mommy wishing you the best in your 5th year and love you always!

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