Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Bento Days (1)

After a whole week on the road ingesting fast food, greasy take outs and mindless binging, I was glad to be back home and detoxing my stomach system. Nothing is like a home cooked meal, warm and content.

We got fresh shiitake and abalone mushrooms from Pennsylvannia, courtesy of my dear cousin who is herself a food enthusiast. We feasted on all of them throughout this week and they were delicious. And also healthy.

For Curry's Bento today, I stir fried some shiitake with onion and soy sauce. Fresh mushrooms are more succulent in bite than their dehydrated form and if we had a mushroom plant here like that at my cousin's place, I would buy by the boxes every week.

Contents of Curry's Bento Box:

Pan fried Panko pork patties with Japanese sauce; omelette and green beans; Edamame beans; flavored rice (furikake); stir fried shiitake with onion and soy sauce.

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Plain Jane said... favourite!