Monday, June 8, 2009

White Bread

Other people do have guest bloggers on their blogs and websites. I have a guest baker.... my father in law! I always insist those bread making books available in HK are always better and he bought me a new one this year. As much as I wanted to get my hands on trying out the new recipes, I didn't have time and perhaps a bit lazy during the summer months. And so, he went ahead and made the first bread from the new book and indeed very good bread.

This bread was made up of 2 dough, the first one was made earlier and let rest in the fridge overnight to slowly rise and the second one made on the day itself. Both were then mixed together using the Kitchenaid Mixer, rested and rise again before shaping into desired moulds. The only setback in making these breads were that they needed a lot of rolling to release the built up of gas inside of them. And perhaps my father in law is a bit slower than me, it seemed to me that he took the whole day to make these breads.

Since I played no role in making these, I cannot blog more except to click some beautiful pictures!

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dolly's fav said...

can i have ur father in law... hahahaha.. just joking... so nice to have in law to cook for u... so envy.. the bread looks so fresh... yum..