Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Day/Pistachio & Cherry Cream Cake

It is that day of the year again, where I wake up and run to the mirror to see a year older face staring back at me. I love my birthdate as it is exactly the middle of the calendar year when everyone else takes notice whether they are reviewing what they have done for the past 1/2 year and make new plans for the remaining 1/2 year of the calendar months.

It is like a determining time factor to recap, review and resolve and true enough for me, I plan and set goals for myself to achieve before the next year's birthday.

I would like to thank my family, far and near and also all my friends who have sent their greetings. Watching the news reporting bizarre deaths and passings of well known celebrities these past 2 weeks reminds me life is very unpredictable and I am thankful to be able to celebrate today with my family and although no fancy celebration, the thought that I can rule the whole day my way makes this one day a very good one!

This year I made my own birthday cake. Part of the reason is Missy E's birthday is just 3 days after mine and buying 2 cakes will be asking for trouble and I don't like the idea of sharing birthdays as I truly believe that particular whole day should belong to the birthday person only. Afterall, I will find any excuse to make a cake and at least for my own birthday, I dare to attempt my own cake and I only can blame myself if it doesn't turn out good!

I opted for a chiffon cake and perked it up a little with whipped cream frosting, infused with pureed cherries and added chopped pistachio to the cake itself. Fresh cherries are in abundance now and I love its deep dark red that exudes the juiciness that the fruit itself contains. I pureed almost 40 cherries to yield 1 cup of its flesh and liquid. I was hoping that the frosting would turn out more darker in hue but I only managed to get a lilac pinkish after adding almost 3/4 cup of the puree. I didn't strain nor pass the puree through a sieve as I love the bits and pieces of the cherries to be blended into the cake itself.

As for the cake itself, making chiffon cake was my first time and I was quite taken aback on the amount of eggs and sugar in the recipe. I am not sure on how the marbled effect turns out inside the cake when I scooped and swirled a few tablespoon of the remaining cherry puree onto the cake batter inside the cake pan prior to putting it into the oven. The texture of the cake came out fine, although not very smooth on the outer surface as those commercial chiffon cakes. I guess that was why frosting was created, to cover up uneven spots on cakes.

I guess my fear of making birthday cakes is when the frosting and decorating parts are concerned. Although I would love to practise piping and frosting everyday, there is just no reason to whip up a big pile of buttercream or whipped cream to do that. Another reason why I always make mousse cakes, just mold and no hand controls with piping bags. The cherries decorated the cake nicely, with their little individual stalks resembling candles and the plain round piping tips are always useful when I need to hide my non-perfect frosting on the sides of the cake. Can't wait to cut it and have a big slice!


Agnes said...

maybe next time jie, you put something in the middle.. deco or something :P.

And stick macarons on the side like MW's anniversary cake LOL.

terri@adailyobsession said...

happy belated birthday lily annette!