Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Bento Days (1)

Seems that I am slowing down on cooking and blogging these days. Apart from being lazy, my father in law's annual visit from Hong Kong tend to make me rest a bit from all the cooking as he takes over with the dinner preparation. Every year for 6 months, we dine on authentic Cantonese food and mind you, for a 70 plus old man, he can really cook!

With Missy E's preschool graduation coming up and her first piano recital after that, all I do everyday these days is monitoring her progress while juggling on how to start Prince D with a bit of homeschooling. The potty training is still no where near complete success and I wonder if he ever gets it till he goes to kindergarten! Till then, I can only learn to manage a possibility of high blood pressure chasing him to the bathroom every time I sense those squatting and quiet at the corner moments!

A big thank you to my sis in law in HK and my cousin Agnes and Auntie M in Malaysia for getting me some Bento gears. And I thought I had too many baking pans and moulds till I started to sort out and assemble tools by categories. The Bento gears are sure catching up! Still in my slow mode, I only did a Bento for Curry today despite Missy E asking for one. Well, next week will be payback time when I have to pack her Bento everyday for a week's camp!

Contents of Curry's Bento Box :

Panko deep fried pork Cutlets(Tonkatsu) with Japanese brown sauce; Pan fried long beans with tomato; Japanese omelette with nori pieces; radish; rice

I love Tonkatsu and will eat it everyday if I can! Japanese bread crumbs or Panko is the best invention in my opinion and it just yields a more crunchier and lighter coating for deep fried food. I marinated the pork in mirin, soy sauce and pepper overnight and drenched them in beaten egg and panko before deep frying them on medium heat. I am yet to learn on how to do the ever so neat looking Japanese Omelette with the new rectangle frying pan. Looking at the Bento that I have made so far, I think I go over the top with colors and hopefully to tone it down a bit in future. Sometimes it just looks so busy!

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