Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Bento Days (5) & (6)

I was so hooked to Dancing with the Stars last night and didn't do much prep work for today's bento Boxes. The intense steps and moves of the remaining contestants were nail biting and undeniably, this season was the best as you can really feel that the participants were neck to neck in skills and desperate to get the winning trophy!

Got up earlier than usual to make up for whatever I have not prep last night. Perhaps I have been doing this Bento thing for some time now, I find that I can get them done very quickly and within 1 hour I was all done. But still, if I have to do this everyday of the week, I cannot do it. Maybe if there are no more shows worth keeping me up at night anymore, I will resolve to go to bed earlier and build a better Bento everyday!

Missy E wanted a bento with all her school mates faces and I told her that she is asking too much! No way I am going to make 8 little faces out of rice balls, all with different features and hair colors and I swear, I will never want to make a Bento anymore after that! I had no theme for this week but I remember how she envied the pig faces that I made last month for Prince D and resorted to make a Panda face for her Bento today. And also, it was the easiest thing to do, white rice and black nori only!

Contents of Missy E's Bento Box :

Rice; Chicken Patties with mayo dip; Ham; Berries; Tomato & Broccoli.

I have managed to get the face punches, all flown to me from Japan! They were definitely clumpsy looking tools compared to my other punches that I got from the craft stores here but still, they save me alot of time making up all the faces features of any character that I want to make. Now I look at this Bento in picture, it looks more like a dog than Panda!
Contents of Curry's Bento Box :

Rice with Peas; Chicken Patties with Mustard Dip; Stir fry cabbage; Ham; Tomato & Broccoli

I ground up chicken thigh meat and marinate it with soy sauce, sugar, mirin, pepper, egg and cornstarch. Carrot pieces and Bread crumb were added last to hold the meat together and refrigerated overnight till firm. The patties were pan fried and a little water was added to the pan to sizzle and steam for the last 5 minutes. This gives a better color to the patties.

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