Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Bento Days (3) & (4)

It is the middle of the week and I am exhausted! And Curry turned off the alarm clock before bed last night and thankfully the spring sunlight woke me in time to do these Bento boxes. While I am finding that the days go by so fast and I barely have enough time for anything and completely tired by the end of the day, the kids and Curry seem to be always so energised and Prince D is definitely in the Terrible 2 mode! And going on Terrible 3 soon!
Didn't have much of an idea and I resorted to the cookie cutters for help. Missy E is into insects and everything that is creepy crawly in the garden and I love her school for exposing her to bugs and caterpillar as she was squemish in the past but now she is just like any other kid, bending down and looking at bugs and telling her brother all that she knows.
One thing I don't see often here are snails & slugs. My mom's garden in Malaysia used to have plenty of them and the neighborhood boys loved to crush them with their steps! Of course I never do it but I see Prince D going down that path, judging from the strength of his little feet now and how he loves to step on everything!

Contents of Missy E's Bento Box :

Chicken pieces, marinated in mirin & soy sauce; ham; rice; cheese; broccoli; grapes.

This Bento Box looks a bit bland without the usual red tomato or strawberry. I completely forgot to pick up some at the grocery store and used up the strawberries for my fruit tart! The chicken released vapor of steam when I put it into the box and this in turn made the snail looked wet and slimy in appearance. Very brilliant idea although incidental!

Contents of Curry's Bento Box :

Plain sushi Rice; Pan fried tofu stuffed with minced meat; Chicken pieces; Broccoli; Baby Carrot; Grapes; ham & Peas.
I pan fried the tofu and cut it in the middle where the meat cavity was and the pattern turned out very clean cut, as if the meat was blended and embedded into the tofu itself. The sauce is contained in a separate container and the plain rice was garnished with nori strips.

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