Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May Bento Days (1) & (2)

I said : "When you are off to full time school, I am not able to make so many cute funny faces for your Bento". "Why? Mommy I want all my lunch to be cute!"; so said Missy E! Yikes..... if I had to do Kyaraben everday, I think I will give up very soon. My addiction has not gotten to that point yet that I want to dedicate my whole morning to creating a beautiful lunch box and give up on my own much needed fix me up haggard looking face & hair!

After so many Bento, I think girls tend to appreciate the Kyaraben more than boys and when it is Prince D's turn to tag along a lunchbox to school, I shall just tone down and resolve to use the cookie cutters entirely.

Last night's rain totally washed out the budding Darling Buds of May outside. The tulips were overloaded with water, tree blossoms were scattered all over the neighborhood street and the Hyacinths totally dispersed into bended individual stalk rather than their original grouping. Although it looks gloomy, I like rainy days. Sometimes, it takes a heavy rain to remind me on how peaceful it is to stay home with a 2 year old rather than rushing here and there on a fine sunny day wanting to do so much and yet exhausting! Even Prince D is having a fun time learning to sing the song 'Rain rain Go Away'.

For today's Bento Boxes, I didn't give it much thought for Curry's box while I emphasized more on Missy E's one. Still, despite all the thinking, the ladybug and ant Bento didn't turn out perfectly right as I had a hard time putting the crab meat on the rice to form the ladybug's body. I just used the red part of the imitation crab and to peel slices out from the white part was not easy as they tend to tear easily. Hence, my ladybug looks like a 'cracked' bug! The ant was wholly punched out nori and I just love their head part of which I punched a hand shaped nori and cut off all the 3 middle fingers to form the 2 remaining antenaes. Sometimes, Target store has very interesting things at its pantry part and I found this 2 toned colored cheese of which I cut into flower shapes. Now I think of it, it will make a very good giraffe spots!

Contents of Missy E's Bento Box :

Sushi Rice; Crab meat; Beef franks; Cheese;Tomato;Peas;Brocolli; Strawberry; Salad leaves.

To keep the crabmeat in place, I used mayonaise to stick it to the rice. The nori ants sticks to the warm rice easily and I only filled the cheese in the last so that the warm of the rice doesn't melt its shape. Missy E loves sushi rice for its stickiness but I think sandwiches and bread will be a better option for the coming hot months. I don't flavor the rice at all and let all the other ingredients blend in with taste and color.

Contents of Curry's Bento Box :

Soba stir fried with shallot; ginger chicken drumstick with mirin, rice vinegar & soy sauce; romaine lettuce & tomato; beef franks.

I am a chicken wing person and there will definitely be no fight for the drumsticks when I make a chicken dish! I was hoping to find the small drummets instead but there were none for sale and Curry just have to get his hand sticky & messy with this big drumstick!

Bon Appetite! While Prince D & I will just feed on hot soup noodles for lunch while listening to the rain drops.

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