Thursday, May 21, 2009

Macaron: Green Tea & Pink

Made these Macarons for CrazyMommy and a playdate. Now I understand what was the big thing about making these little cookies about. At first, it didn't attract me but once I started making it and after a failure here and there, the determination to get it right was so great that I am very eager to make it every week for any reason possible. Perhaps it is the psychological feeling on mastering the art of handling the egg whites or the temptation of so many possibilities of colors, flavors and fillings that makes these French pastry cookies so exciting to make, enticing to the eyes and of course delectable to eat if the fillings are good!

I am a die hard fan of all things small and individually sized and these macarons sure fit into my baking interests. Making Macarons is something that needs practice on a constant basis and at this time, I have failed 3 times and succeeded 3 times too! I think I have passed the first hurdle and most definitely the one that determines whether the Macarons succeed or not which is the beating of the egg whites. My 1st attempt, the egg whites were still a bit runny, hence the cookies spread but didn't rise. And then the 2nd failure was when I added too much green tea powder to underbeaten eggs resulting soft cookies that didn't rise and finally the last failure was because I overbeaten the egg whites to stiff peaks and the cookies rise, and was firm like meringue cookies and had no feet!

The first successful one was the Black Sesame flavored macaron with Cream Cheese Filling of which I proudly paraded in my other blog. I managed to reduce the content of the powdered sugar and still got the cookies rising with little feet. Using the same recipe, I substituted with green tea powder and the cookies were disastrous! No kidding, making Macarons has its time and mood and I must have been too excited over the first success.

I made the green tea version 3 times and I find that green tea must have an effect on the Macaron as my successful one didn't rise as much as I wanted. Whereas the pink one, rose beautifully without any hitch. I am still unable to get a very firm outer shell and mine were easily cracked if I didn't handle them carefully. Perhaps it is the heat of the oven or period of baking that resulted this or even the way I pipe the Macaron which is yet to be mastered to a consistent size and quantity.

All I can say is that I like the challenge of making these cookies. Tartelette is the best website for Macaron recipes and her picture illustrations published in Macaron 101 in the Dessert Magazine gave me full insight into making a Macaron successfully. Hopefully mine gets better everytime and gives me more prospect into concocting new flavors for the fillings.

For the green Tea Macaron, I whipped up fresh cream and added red bean paste to get red bean cream filling. As with all my other baking and cooking, I love Asian ingredients and this Macaron is very Japanese in nature! For the Pink Macaron, I pureed strawberries and cooked it with sugar and added gelatin and whipped cream to make a mousse like filling. These type of cream filling will perhaps be more appropriate during the cool months and a firmer buttercream type will be better for spring and summer weather.


Plain Jane said...

looks good, J. Recipe?

crazymommy said...

Both were delicious!! Even my ah lao was impressed by your macarons. I especially love the strawberry ones. Nikita was so upset becos she couldn't try it and kept finding excuses to eat it. Too bad, we aint going to take any chance when the big trip is coming in one week time!!
Thank you so much for making these macarons and I'm will check them out when I go to Sg this time!! :D

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