Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rice Sushi Inside Out

Ingredients :

1-1/2 cup sushi rice

2 sheets of nori wrappers

3 eggs (make 2 thin omelettes)

10 green beans (cooked in water & drained)

2 tbsp Korean kimchi

2 tsp toasted white sesame seeds


1)Lay out bamboo mat. Put a sheet of nori.

2)Pile up and spread out the rice, evenly to all 4 corners of the nori.

3)Sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds all over.

4)Roll out a piece of cling film, the same size as the bamboo mat. Lay on top of the rice. Press gently to adhere.

5)With a flat plate, top the cling film and turn the bamboo mat downside up. Now you will have the nori facing upwards and the rice downwards.

6)Spread some mayo if desired. Place one omelette, and arrange the beans across the width part. Use chopsticks or fork to spread out the Korean kimchi alongside the green beans.

7)Pick up the cling film and start rolling like sushi, tightly. Shape the roll with the bamboo mat while the cling film is still intact. Let stand for at least 5 mins.

8)Cut with sharp knife, each roll yields about 5 pieces.

Yields : 2 rolls (serves 2)

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