Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beet & Apple Salad

I seldom use Beet for anything else except in making a chinese style soup with slices of pork meat, which is said to be good for cleansing the flow of blood for better skin complexion. My mum made this soup for me when I was once suffering from peelings on my hands due to sensitivity to commercial washing liquids and it kind of helped healed my hands which are currently unblemished except for too much of washing everyday.

Beet is high in Vitamins and naturally sweet. The down side of it is the preparation gets you and your chopping board stained with bloody red that must be washed instantly or else it looks like you have just butchered an animal! I cannot see the beet being used as a secondary to another primary ingredient as its red juice simply seeps and stain on everything and its natural sweetness overtakes the taste in every dish.

Having said so, I like the redness it yields and using its juice as natural coloring for anything that I want to look red or even hot pink is always a better choice than food coloring. Beet has an earthy taste that does not necessarily sits in with everyone's palate but I have always like root vegetables like taro and sweet yam, so beet is just the cream of the crop with its additional sweetness and pretty color. Apparently the leaves and stalk are edible too but I have never attempted cooking with them. Like the leaves of rhubarb that isn't edible due to the presence of toxic content, I am very skeptical about trying out the beet leaves.

I made this salad for the Easter potluck party and it went down quite well with the lamb pie. With the presence of the tart green apples, soaked in fresh lemon juice and salad leaves seasoned with pepper and dressed with Balsamic Vinegar, the sweetness of the Beet balances the taste overall. This salad can be served cold or at room temperature.

Ingredients :

2 small beets, skin peeled & boiled for 35 mins till slightly tender

1 green apple. skin peeled & diced to small cubes

1 pack mixture of Green salad leaves

2 to 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Juice of 1 lemon

Black pepper


1)Half the boiled beets and slice to thin slices.

2)Mix the apple chunks with the lemon juice.

3)Using a big stainless steel bowl, put all the apples into it and layer with some salad leaves and layer with beets slices. Spoon in 1 tbsp of the balsamic vinegar and pepper and mix with tongs.

4)Repeat with the remaining salad leaves, beets and balsamic vinegar and toss evenly.

5)Plate into serving dish, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before use.

Serves : 4 persons

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