Thursday, April 30, 2009

April Bento Days (7) & (8)

It is the end of April 2009 and the days are going by so fast! President Obama might have his 100 days in review while I am still shifting back and forth on finishing up my spring cleaning and balancing time between family and my well intended resolutions that I sworn to at the beginning of the year!

One thing about men is that they never admit they are getting old or weaker. Curry has this tendency to push the limits on the threadmill even though he knew his sore throat and bone chills were signs of something to come. True enough, after continuous late nights on the couch and over-exertion of his stamina, he was in the early stages of influenza and lying in bed today. I abhor these moments as the kids cling on to him all the time and if he gets sick, they too get it from him eventually. I myself go through seasonal allergies every time around this period of the year and while I know how to avoid the outdoors at certain times, I just wish Curry can heed to my nagging and save us all from further trouble of being sick. Even my kids are more co-operative than him when they agreeably gulped down glasses of Chinese herbs to prevent the onset of heatiness in their little bodies that trigger most of flu symptoms.

Curry's Bento was made yesterday while the kids' ones were made this morning. Strange to say but I find myself with less sick days after I had the kids and the very opposite of Curry! Perhaps I have trained myself up to take the beatings of everyday chaos with the kids and housework that I don't even have time to get sick! As for the kids, they are pretty healthy too with Missy E never missing a single day of school because of sickness while Prince D cries mostly because of bruises and bumps rather than being sick.
No offence to anyone or insensitivity to the current Swine flu epidemic, I made a pig Bento today! As we were bound at home and not going out unnecessarily, I got more time to explore with the Bento and made a different one for Missy E, themed 'the Cat & Mice'. Well, she perceived it to be a tiger though and I suspect it is the using of the carrot pieces for the eyes and ears. There is a new Bento cutter in the market which is specifically made to cut parts for the quail eggs. With ideas everywhere on the Japanese blogs, I couldn't resist trying out those shapes on the mice ears but without the cutter and just cutting them with my bare hands & a knife! It is very dangerous to be surrounded with multitude of Bento gears in the market as any Bento making mom or dad will tell you that the temptation of getting every thing is very great and sometimes, some tools are just plain waste of money. But of course, if I have that much money to spend, I will buy everything!

Contents of Missy E's Bento Box:

Pan fried salmon pieces; sushi rice; quail eggs; strawberry; broccoli; carrot; baby tomato; turkey Ham Pieces; Cheese pieces

Contents of Prince D's Bento Box:

Sushi rice; Baby Tomato; Quail Eggs; Broccoli; carrot; Strawberry; Turkey Ham pieces; Cheese pieces.

I have finally figured out on how to make a more 3D character. I added more water to make the sushi rice till the texture is truly sticky and almost mushed to the texture of rice gruel. I find that moulding the rice balls with my hands is better than using any moulds and I really liked the way these rice balls turned out as there was not a single grain of rice out of place! As for the mice, I used a leaf cutter of which I didn't know I had for more than 5 years and which I bought for my previous Wilton Fondant & gum paste decorating classes. The ear part was made of turkey ham and the face feature were accented with poppy seeds and nori pieces. I find that the mice are the most difficult to make as they are so small and handling a poppy seed with the tweezer is no easy task for my chubby hands! I love how the pigs turned out and infact it is the easiest character to make compared to all the previous kids Bentos that I have attempted.

Contents of Curry's Bento Box :
Rice Sushi with omelette & smoked salmon;
Ham & Peas Pasta with clear soup in flask;
Baby Carrots; Strawberry; Grapes.

This was a last minute Bento as I thought Curry was calling the day sick when he got up late for work but he went in anyway! Notice that the sushi was without the nori wrapper. I totally forgotten about it and went on rolling the rice and only realized I was missing something when it was already rolled up and ready for cutting! Seriously, I cook and bake to de-stress and if I am rushed to do it or put in a situation resembling the Iron Chef show, my mind will go blank and my hands might not even work! I made the Pasta as extra on the side, in case he has to stay back late and I can't believe how he can be so clueless at times! He finished all the soup in the thermos flask and told me that he couldn't proceed with the pasta part. Huh???? Haven't we all grew up with the ham and peas pasta IN soup when we were in Asia and my made in Hong Kong husband ate the soup only! Funny bloke.

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crazymommy said...

I was laughing so hard about Curry finishing the soup w/o the pasta. So like my ah lao!!!

There was once, he came home late and I had to attn to the kids (bed time mah!). So i told him that the food (3 pots) were on the stove (to keep them warm). Guess what... in the end, he only ate one of them because he didn't check the other two pots. DUH!! I think our men are too pampered already la! We serve them too well until they don't know how to use their common sense already! -_-

BTW, I also thought that was a tiger. Nevermind la.. tiger also part of the Cats family mah. ;)

Supermom, you better take care of yourself too ah!