Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Bento Days (5) & (6)

Earth Day 2009! As the years go by, there are more and more signs of the Earth changing its course from good to bad. When I was a kid, I didn't see much news about ice melting from the coldest part of the world, orang utans of Borneo heading for extinction because of the wilful falling of rainforests by developers all in the name of money making, coral reefs dying because of pollution of the sea, clean water resources declining and everything else that are listed in today's news. In a period of a little more than 3 decades later, and although I am not tuned in as much as the environmentalists would want me to, Missy E comes home learning everything from recycling to planting trees and Prince D is exposed to children's programs with themes of saving the Earth. It just boils down to one conclusion, our Earth is in deep need to be saved from all the man-made faults, whether intentionally caused or not. I am just glad that there are so much awareness these days for my kids and after all, we just want the earth to be a better place for them to live in and as a Bento packer with reusable container, I think I am doing my part to reduce waste on plastics and brown bags. On other things, I will work harder... especially that long shower after a very long day!

Today's Bento boxes were very easy to put together as not much cooking was done. Infact I managed to finish everything before 1 hour and that is a record time! When I am making Bento, the combination of colors come first before taste as second importance. Recently I find that arranging all the ingredients in one rows and alternating different ones between them makes it easier to fill up the whole box and looks more neat. When I looked back to my old Bento from last year, I was in disarray, trying to do too much I guess and got overwhelmed and all the colors mixed up!

Contents of Missy E's Bento Box:

Hard boiled egg, dyed in blue coloring, garnished with pieces of nori; beef patty; broccoli,strawberry; carrot;
green apple pieces; sushi rice with
turkey ham cut out animal shapes.
Again, Anna the Red gave me this idea on making the earth. Small cookie cutters are very useful when making Bento and I managed to get these animals one from the Wilton line at the local craft store.

Contents of Curry's Bento Box :

Omelette rolled sushi with smoked salmon slices;Blanched broccoli and tomato wedges; Beef Patties

The trick is to make the omelette very thin and with the help of mayonaise to paste everything together so that the rolls don't open up during the slicing of the sushi. This Bento box content is very light and reminds me of summer colors!

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