Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Bento Days (3) & (4)

I managed to re-organize my Bento stuffs and packed them all in a multi tier container box, resembling those that the cake decorating ladies bring around with them. Now all of them are in one place, I will have no more excuses to be lazy!

My Bento theme today is Bears. Missy E only talks about Earth day and recycling this month and I thought it would also be a good idea to teach her on what are the endangered animals on Earth. I made Panda and Polar with the same bear mould. It was only the features on each faces that required more planning. I only wished I could have moulded better free-hand for the body part which ought to be rounder and bigger than the face part.

For the flower bloom, the egg really brightened up the boxes contents. I think I am getting better with the omelette as I seldom get any burn or overcooked spot these days. The petal effect was done by first dividing the omelette into half and folding each half into half again and snipped from the joined edge center part towards the non-joining edges. It was then rolled up together with the beef franks, which was first cut criss cross on its round surface before being cooked in boiling water.

Curry's Bento box was simple to make this morning. Stir fried a pack of Udon noodles with grated garlic and dark soy sauce. With the warm weather, Curry tends to have less appetite for rice and meat, hence salmon pan fried with sesame seeds and eel sauce was a lighter option. The omelette was filled with turkey ham that was rolled up flatly and cut to slot into the Bento box. I hate to see gaps in my Bento and completed the box with baby carrots and stir fried shredded cabbage. It might look alot of food in one lunch box, the fact that all are mostly light and non-fatty tells me that Curry can definitely finish this and doesn't come home rushing for dinner!

Contents of Kids' bento Boxes :

Sushi rice; cut apple; omelette;
beef frank sausages; broccoli & lettuce

I think this is the only Bento that Prince D actually finishes up everything. Although he is a bit picky compared to Missy E, he likes broccoli very much and perhaps Curry let them eat McIntosh apples all the time, the kids were crazy about the crunchy Red Delicious apple and asked for more. This time I got the right tasting beef sausages, which was not salty at all and it was generic brand from my local grocery store. I am a big generic brand supporter, mostly because the goods are cheaper but most of the time, they taste exactly the same as those household brands and some even came from the same supplier and manufacturer.


Anonymous said...

The bears are so cute! Must have taken some time to make these.

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