Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Bento Days (4)

One week gone and another Bento comes! These days, I tend to be very lazy and perhaps exhausted running around with Prince D and his potty time that I simply have no ideas on what to create in the kitchen. So, I think Bento lunches can help me work my brain a bit after all those false alarm and cleaning up after his mini accidents!
I like making these kids Bento boxes because I can create a lot of things in small versions and the varieties are endless. I cannot bake as much every week for fear of packing up on all the butter and sugar on my already not so ideal weight and doing other types of specific dishes requires extra shopping and preparation.

Today's Bento lunches was not planned and I thought I have abandoned my blog and kitchen for a bit too long now for the sake of my little boy! Not that he is not important but I treat my kitchen and cooking more as a therapeautic getaway from all the daily hullabaloo of 2 young kids and all the chopping and clanking of the utensils and pots kind of sooth my nerves. Strange.... but true!

I just took what I had in the fridge and cupboard and made up something. Although I am very bad in making rolled sushi, I haven't given up hope yet. I pan fried a large omelette from 2 eggs and wrapped the rice inside. Yellow is a very bright and fresh color for Bento boxes and it can perk up any boring looking dish. The omelette was first made and let cooled to room temperature and I used the bamboo rolling mat by first covering the surface with cling film before laying down the omelette. As soon as the rice was cooked, it was spooned onto the omelette and I put in some long green beans which were then immediately rolled up and allowed time to rest before cutting.
I have used goji berries in my soup making but never thought of using it in other types of cooking. These berries are said to pack a great amount of Beta Carotene which is good for the eyes and I have been eating it since young, although sad to say, I still ended up wearing glasses due to too much TV. Its bright red is very pretty and although nothing exceptional in taste about it, the seeds inside it is very fun to chew on. Goji berries have been very popular in Western baking these past 2 years and I hope to explore more on its possibilities in my kitchen creations.

Once a while, I come across very cute stuffs in my local grocery and I bought a pack of this Laughing cows cube cheese, which was the right size for the Bento boxes. The thing I like about it is that it doesn't need to stay in the fridge as with other fresh cheeses and the kids love its soft and creamy texture. And one thing..... I love the Laughing cow design on the packaging too, save me the time of making another character face. I love the dragonfly and frog punches that I got for a $1 at the local craft store. Pity though, I can only punch nori with them but nothing else.

Contents of Kids' Bento Boxes :

Omelette wrapped rice & long beans, Goji berries

Cubed cheese, tomato, cauliflower & grapes, carrot

Sausages & Ham with Peas

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